About Us

Welcome to 4K Aluminum

4K Aluminum is an American owned, family run company. The 4 K’s represent the first letter of the names of our family. We manufacture luxury patio covers using aircraft alloy providing industry leading strength and structure with quality elements, precision engineering, and aesthetic options. Our patio system is strong and conforms to all local wind and snow load requirements. Our skilled designs from the various choices of the posts, beams, and lattices tubes, are uniquely versatile to integrate flawlessly into any architectural style for residential and commercial market. All designs are engineered to meet or exceed State, County and local building codes, including wind speed up to 130 MPH, snow load, and seismic activity. Our beams can span 33’ without any support using our extruded beam connector for added strength. No miter joints showing exposed aluminum with designs that do not show any screws.


Vision and Mission:

4K Aluminum will promote and expand our aluminum products as a sustainable material of choice. We will strive to continuously expand our product designs to incorporate to our customer’s vision and innovation.