Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and Care

1. Hosing down your aluminum shade structure with a regular garden hose and a regular garden
nozzle is highly recommended.

***Please do not use a pressure washer, as this may ruin the paints finish***

2. Avoid using power-cleaning tools.

3. Use a downward motion when hosing off your aluminum shade structure. Be sure personal
items are out of the way to prevent them from getting wet or damaged.

4. Powder-coated aluminum shade structures require little maintenance other than gently cleaning
with water and a mild liquid detergent, such as a liquid car detergent, to remove any dirt. A microfiber
cloth or sponge should be used when wiping over the surfaces of the aluminum shade structure.

5. To clean your powder-coated aluminum shade structure, give it a rinse with a garden hose and a
regular garden nozzle. Next, mix up a bucket of warm water and add mild liquid detergent. Sponge
down to apply the soap. Then rinse.

6. Removing surface water with a drying cloth (like you would use on your car) will help avoid
water spots.

7. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning agents or materials, as these could mark the surface of the
powder-coated aluminum shade structure. When choosing a liquid detergent, be sure it is free from
solvents and petroleum-based chemicals. One way to tell whether the liquid detergent you are
considering is safe for a powder-coated surface is whether the product is safe for your hands. If you
need to protect your skin by wearing gloves when using the product, it is not safe for the surface of the

8. Avoid products that contact chloride salts, sulfides, steel, iron, or other rusting metals to avoid
discoloration, rusting, cracking, peeling and/or corrosion.

9. Do not use steel wool or Scotch rite on your powder-coated aluminum shade structure.
Anything that may have a harder bristle can cause damage to the paints finish.

10. Clean your aluminum shade structure when it is shady and never in freezing temperatures or
when metal temperatures are sufficiently cold enough to cause condensation. Cleaning hot, sun-heated
surfaces should be avoided since possible chemical reactions will be highly accelerated, and non-
uniformity could occur.

11. Remember, the quicker you clean spills and stains, the easier they are to remove. This also goes
for the first sign of mold or mildew. Again, soap and water go a long way in breaking down oils and

12. In coastal areas or places where tree sap and pollen are more prevalent, a monthly cleaning
removes the build-up of salt deposits and contaminants. Further inland areas may require only quarterly
or biyearly washes