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Why 4K Pergola™?


Lightweight yet exceptionally strong aircraft- grade
aluminum alloy

Low Maintenance

Virtually maintenance-free! The finest pretreatment and powder coating to stand up to the harsh Southwest environment

Unique Design

Proprietary beam connectors and brackets allow for a modern, hidden screw installation

Key Features

High Quality Material

  • Posts, beams, and slats are extruded 6061-T6 aircraft alloy aluminum – NOT roll formed
  • Powder coated using the latest Italian-made equipment to AAMA 2604 standard
  • Gold chromate primer – the finest available

Ultimate Customization

  • Seamless beam connectors
  • Internally attached, hidden, color-matched fasteners and hardware
  • Slats can be adjusted to increase or decrease sunlight penetration
  • Option to extend slats beyond the end of any beam
  • Available in 5 colors: Adobe Tan, Espresso, Mojave Beige, Apollo Gray & Quartz White
  • Unlimited versatility allows integration panels and slats
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How 4K Aluminum Products
Are Processed

Why Aluminum?!

Aluminum is the green material of choice for today’s environment. It is highly recyclable and its light weight, flexibility, durability, and strength make it the ideal architectural material. Unlike steel and wood, aluminum will not rust or rot. It will not absorb moisture and is termite and pest resistant. 4K Pergola™ products are made with aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the strongest available, and can endure high winds and heavy loads.

Gold chromate is the finest pretreatment in the powder coating industry. It provides the best surface preparation for paint adhesion as well as improving corrosion resistance. Powder coating is a finishing process that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder to the aluminum extrusions. The electrostatically charged particles form a smooth surface which is then heat cured to a virtually maintenance-free hard finish. Powder coatings are not only thicker and more durable than conventional wet paints, but because they contain no solvents and release few VOC’s to the atmosphere, are much more environmentally friendly. Our specialty AAMA 2604 powder coating with gold chromate pretreatment comes with a 20-year warranty.